The END Fund

The END Fund is the only private philanthropic initiative dedicated to ending the five most common neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) – a group of parasitic and bacterial infectious diseases, such as intestinal worms and schistosomiasis. NTDs inflict suffering on over 1.5 billion people worldwide, including approximately 875 million are children. NTDs cause severe illness, cognitive impairment and inhibit education and school attendance.

By engaging a community of activist-philanthropists and taking a systems approach, The END Fund is working in collaboration with governments, NGOs, pharmaceutical, and academic partners to end these diseases in our lifetime. 

The END Fund focuses on mobilizing resources, raising the profile of NTDs, and reaching end goals through programmatic investments.

Participant: Joy Ruwodo

An esteemed marketer and strong social and economic development advocate, Joy is energised through her ability to change how people think and act with regards to marketing strategy and execution. She’s highly successful at stimulating corporates to actively engage in addressing developmental challenges in their communities.

As Advisor to The End Fund, a Global Health organisation leading the movement to eliminate Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in our lifetime, Joy’s role is focused on elevating the profile of NTDs on the continent, growing and engaging a community of African activist-philanthropists and business leaders who will join in the movement to end NTDs. 

The END Fund convenes savvy, international investors interested in impact-driven investments, offering the most efficient use of their private capital. Joy also serves on the South Africa Working Group for the Shared Value Africa Initiative (SVAI), which convenes African organisations and business communities with the common purpose of building the continent’s economy. Prior to this, Joy was the Marketing & Advocacy Executive for Ask Afrika, a leading independent research company, preceded by her role as Marketing & Fundraising Manager at HospiceWits, a reputable non-profit organisation (NPO) providing palliative care to thousands of people annually.

Participant: Oyetola Oduyemi

Oyetola’s passion lies in innovatively driving business transformation, successfully managing multi-layered key stakeholder groups and designing best-in-class management strategies that achieve business

Sustainability. She also enjoys inspiring ideation of constructs that eliminate barriers between entities and possibilities.

‘Tola has broad experience across different sectors, including banking, energy, and FMCG-telecommunications; and her speciality is building sustainable brands. For her work in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), she was recognized as the most outstanding CSR practitioner, at the Sustainability, Enterprise & Responsibility Awards (SERAs) for Africa, 2016.

She holds an LL.M. degree from the University of Warwick, with dual majors in Corporate Governance and International Economic Law. She is also an alumnus of the University of Lagos and has attended numerous training programmes at Lagos Business School. ‘Tola currently works as Africa Regional Adviser – Public Affairs, at the END Fund. Her remit is to raise awareness on the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), drive advocacy, resource mobilization, and the forging of partnerships, in tackling the NTDs in Nigeria specifically and more broadly, on the continent. ‘Tola is fueled by a drive to plug into robust, vibrant ecosystems that seek to equip Africans with insightful knowledge and tools for sustainable development, and her work at the END Fund enables her to achieve this goal.