Malawi Agricultural and Industrial Investment Corp. (MAIIC)

MAIIC is designed to mobilize financial and other resources for investment in commercially viable projects, businesses, agriculture and industries (existing and new) that are aligned with national development priorities. Integral to its approach is to complement and “crowd in” other financial intermediaries by providing appropriate financial and non-financial instruments. MAIIC is specifically geared towards supporting underserved industries as well as nascent industries/firms until they mature or generate a track record that renders them eligible for financing by commercial banks and other financiers.

Mission and Mandate: To drive private-sector-led economic development through the mobilization of finance, skills and technology for sustainable wealth creation. MAIIC achieves this by supporting commercially viable investments in the public and private sectors of the economy to consolidate and promote growth, productivity, employment, wealth creation and broad-based economic development.

Taz Chaponda – CEO

Taz Chaponda is the Managing Director of the Malawi Agricultural and Industrial Investment Corporation (MAIIC), a private sector-led development finance institution in Malawi. Taz is a development economist with extensive experience across Africa, having worked in the largest business and economic centres including Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg.

In South Africa, he was a partner at Genesis-Analytics – an emerging markets advisory firm. Prior to Genesis, Taz was the Head of the South African Budget Office. He was also head of infrastructure finance within the government’s central PPP Unit, where he led negotiations on flagship projects in the transport and power sectors. This expertise took him to Nigeria where he served in the Lagos State Governor’s Office advising on transport, power and water projects.

In Malawi, Taz was the World Bank’s country office economist working on private sector development, public expenditure management and poverty reduction strategies.

More recently, Taz worked as a Senior Economist at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C. where he covered over a dozen countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and Central Asia.  He has a B.A. in economics from Harvard University, MSc in Development Economics from the University of Oxford, and an MBA from INSEAD Business School.